Flying Wolphix Inn: Endless

Prelude - Part 1

The Story So Far

Our adventurers found themselves locked in the jail of Market Town. After a brief amnesia our heroes recall that they were involved in a fight in the town market. They were ambushed by a wraith and trapped in an unnatural darkness. They were at threat of losing when and a blinding flash of light destroyed the creature and knocked them all unconscious. After awakening they are approached by a mysterious old man. The old man asks them to complete the task of hunting down the local crazy women who worships the dark prince, Drakon. After some misadventures in Market Town they now have a direction to look for the witch Admara.

Who is the mysterious man?

What are the amulets trapped around everyone’s neck?

Why does Porter want Admara’s chest?

Why would anyone stuff a potato in the barwenches knickers!?


oriwolphix oriwolphix

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